Meet the Escape Team!

Beth Peterson – Aerial Yoga, Fly Gym, Pole Fitness, Hula Hoop Instructor

Aerial Yoga


Fly Gym Aerial Fitness Certification
Atmosphere Fitness Aerial Yoga Certification
Crunch X-Pert Pole Instruction Certification Levels 1 & 2

Years sitting in an office cubicle under fluorescent lighting staring zombie-like at a laptop screen left me on a quest for something… more. Always a fan of the glitz and glamor of the circus, it was my childhood dream to become a sparkle-clad acrobatic trapeze artist. Not willing to let adulthood steal my childish dreams I set off looking for an activity that would get me back in shape after my second son was born and also be FUN.

I found a love for belly dance and yoga, then still on the search for fun and interesting ways to move my body I took a hula hoop class that changed my life. Does that sound as strange to you as it does to me? Sometimes life has a way of surprising you. That class was where I fell in love with hooping but was also convinced to step out of my comfort zone even further and take a pole class. And I haven’t looked back since!

In early 2013, I decided my calling was to share my love of circus and movement, helping others find new confidence and awareness of their own bodies. Later that same year, Escape was born! Now I look forward to sharing my love of the art of movement with all of you!

 Hayam – Belly Dance Instructor


Hayam began  began her studies of Middle Eastern Dance under the tutelage of her mentor and close friend, Basimah, of northern New York. Hayam quickly became a member of Basimah’s Middle Eastern Dance Ensemble (affectionately nicknamed “Basimah’s Habibis”) and her love of performing grew from there.

Hayam practices traditional Egyptian raqs sharqi and uses a technique stemming from the legendary Aegela, of Toledo, OH. Her movements are muscularly driven and focus more on control and quiet power than over-the-top drama.  Hayam emphasizes belly dance technique based in modern dance anatomy and kinesiology to enable dancers to understand, strengthen, and protect their bodies in order to enjoy a long-lasting, healthy dance career.

Hayam is known for her cheeky and flirtatious performances. She brings a warmth and power to the stage that never fails to generate a spark between her and her audience. Hayam performs locally throughout New England ans is available for parties, weddings, and special event appearances.

Hayam uses many different props in her dance, including zills (finger cymbals), veils, cane, sword, and tray. She is experienced in traditional Egyptian  Raqs Sharqi, cabaret style dance. She also performs a variety of Egyptian folkloric dances.