Meet the Escape Team!

Beth Peterson – Aerial Yoga, Fly Gym, Pole Fitness, Hula Hoop

Aerial Yoga


Fly Gym Aerial Fitness Certification
Atmosphere Fitness Aerial Yoga Certification
Crunch X-Pert Pole Instruction Certification Levels 1 & 2

Years sitting in an office cubicle under fluorescent lighting staring zombie-like at a laptop screen left me on a quest for something… more. Always a fan of the glitz and glamor of the circus, it was my childhood dream to become a sparkle-clad acrobatic trapeze artist. Not willing to let adulthood steal my childish dreams I set off looking for an activity that would get me back in shape after my second son was born and also be FUN.

I found a love for belly dance and yoga, then still on the search for fun and interesting ways to move my body I took a hula hoop class that changed my life. Does that sound as strange to you as it does to me? Sometimes life has a way of surprising you. That class was where I fell in love with hooping but was also convinced to step out of my comfort zone even further and take a pole class. And I haven’t looked back since!

In early 2013, I decided my calling was to share my love of circus and movement, helping others find new confidence and awareness of their own bodies. Later that same year, Escape was born! Now I look forward to sharing my love of the art of movement with all of you!

A member of the Pole Dancing Bloggers Association

 Panda – Pole, Fly Gym, Circus Arts Instructor

Christine George AKA Panda, born in Honolulu Hawaii and currently a native to Massachusetts, is trained in contemporary and jazz dance. Christine is currently a certified personal trainer with the American Council onPanda Exercise (ACE) as well as certified in Fly Gym Aerial Yoga, Aerial Hoop with Atmosphere Fitness, PiYo Live with Team Beachbody, ATL Bootclap with Vertical Joe’s, and Pole Fitness certified with XPert XPole. Christine is also teaching in the aerial silks apparatus, although not currently certified. Over the last 3 years, Christine has had the privilege to compete in three pole fitness competitions, placing 7th in both Supershag 2013 and Atlantic Pole Championship in 2014, as well as 12th in the Arnold Sports Festival Amateur Pole Competition. Christine is currently the Pole Sport Organization local representative for the Northeast Aerial Arts Championship held in Boston. Her #1 goal is to improve on her knowledge base for fun, skillful and safe classes & workshops. Her students are everything! Christine’s signature move is the Pinocchio; she loves shapes on the pole, heel clacking and floor to pole transitions.

Katie Vohs – Pole Instructor

Katie - pole instructor

Katie’s passion for dance started at a young age; by her teens she had advanced through classical ballet, modern and jazz only to stop to pursue international travel in her late teens. Katie would go on to receive three degrees; BS Primate Behavior & Ecology, BS Anthropology and BA in Psychology from Central Washington University in 2006. After college, Katie had grown tired of the gym workout and on a whim tried her hand with pole dance at Pole for the Soul, Seattle in 2009. It became an instant obsession; pole was the whole body workout she had been looking for, not to mention the fun and quick results everyone wants!

She excelled through all 12 levels within a year. After a move across country, she sought out a new pole school where she became involved with Boston’s and Providence’s top pole studios, where she trained and instructed. During her 5 plus years of pole, Katie has trained with top instructors and competitors as well as completing workshops with international and national champions such as; Jenyne Butterfly, Marlo Fiskan, Natasha Wang, Danielle Romano and Jamilla Deville to name a few.  Katie is Xpert certified.

Tanyalee Jane – Fly Gym, Aerial Yoga

TanyaLeeAtmosphere Fitness Aerial Yoga Certified

Tanyalee has had a life long love-hate relationship with exercise. It was only once she found aerial yoga that she truly began to love and yes, look forward to exercising. In 2013 Tanyalee jumped at the opportunity to become a certified aerial yoga instructor. During the day Tanyalee is an ESL and English Language Arts teacher at a public school. At night she teachers college graduate level courses. On the weekends, school vacations and summer she enjoys being an on-call/substitute instructor and offering aerial workshops for children aged 5-15.

Cyndi Johnson – Pole Instructor

Pole instructorI came to Escape in October of 2014. I was told about the fly gym class during a discussion with a friend about yoga- I could never relax enough for yoga, but I wanted to find a way to get the same benefits yoga class would give me. Being an avid runner, I knew the stretches would help my performance, relieve tension and tightness, the aches and pains that come with long distance running, as well help control my breathing better. My friend suggested trying an aerial yoga class. I came in doubtful, and I left totally hooked! Fly gym has helped with all of the things- performance, aches, pains, breathing, relaxation, and even confidence!  Plus it’s loads of fun!

I then took a pole class, just to try it out, not even sure I would stick with it. In comes Panda, and boom, I’m addicted! It’s an excellent workout, and it’s another class that has helped with everything, along with confidence! Plus it is loads of fun! It has helped me work muscles I didn’t know how to use, or that I even had! I feel fitter and stronger than I did before. I have future plans to compete, and I plan on continuing up the levels of pole to get as far as I possibly can while still having a blast!

I have a passion for running and fitness – I believe we are meant to move, and I love the ability to help others move and get the same satisfaction out of fitness that I do. I run 5ks, 10ks and half marathons in my free time, and ran the Boston Marathon for the first time this year! I am also currently studying to get my ACE certification in personal training, and the date for my test is in August. I then have plans to continue my education and get specialist certifications in sports conditioning as well as fitness nutrition. My ultimate goal is to fully make the transition from my boring desk job into a full-time career in the field of fitness.

Kristine Flood – Pole Instructor

Kristine - pole instructor Kristine was born and raised right here in Worcester.  Though she had no dance or gymnastics experience, she started poling in 2012, after a friend invited her to an open house at a local studio.  She signed up and attended her first class the following week.  The first class was overwhelming and exciting, as she watched the instructor spinning and twisting into beautiful shapes and telling her that in a few months she could do all of that too.  Though she thought it would actually take years, rather than months, to do any of what the instructor did, she was hooked.  It was fun and exciting and a great full body workout that helped improve her strength and confidence.  She became a fixture at the studio, and sure enough, she was able to perform those tricks and spins her instructor had shown her the very first day.  She enjoyed being able to have fun while working out, and how her stress would just melt away when she would get to class and start working on a spin or trick.  In addition to pole, Kristine also enjoys kickboxing, water aerobics, and running obstacles races.  She works full time as an accountant, part-time as a pyro technician, and is taking a course on nutritional fitness and sports nutrition.  She has worked hard to get where she is, and enjoys helping others with their goals and challenges.

Gina DeFreitas – Circus Arts Instructor

Aerial Silks
Gina is a dancer, choreographer and circus performer as well as owner of Aerialicious Entertainment & Elevation Aerial & Circus Arts. 
With roots in Boston, dance and performing brought her to New York City where she studied at Broadway Dance Center, Alvin Ailey and New Dance Group. She studied Circus in New York City and all over the US. Her coaches include Elsie Smith of NE Center for Circus Arts and Elena Panova of SF Circus Center.
Gina is AFAA, CPR, CDT and Zumba certified. She has taught Aerial arts\Circus skills, dance, women’s self defense and fitness at many places in NYC, CA, VT and Boston. She was fitness director for a women’s only gym and directed circus arts in NYC.
She has performed in many theatrical and corporate productions, musicals, circuses and dance concerts in theaters in NYC, Boston and on tour all over the US and internationally. Most recently she choreographed the dance numbers as well as the aerial ballet for a touring circus.