Belly Dance

Escape Belly Dance with Hayam 

(All levels welcome)

Belly dance

Belly Dance is a dance for all ages, sizes, and shapes. It is an excellent form of cardio exercise and also helps the dancer build strong muscles in their arms, legs, and core. Classes focus on basic beautiful Egyptian raqs sharqi technique and movements. Dancers will learn to engage their muscles in traditional movements such as shimmies, undulations, hip movements, and arabic combinations. Attire should allow freedom of movement and be comfortable. Hip scarves are provided. You do not have to show your belly to participate! Dance barefoot or bring footwear such as dance sneakers, foot undeez, or ballet slippers. Come have a good time exercising to invigorating Middle Eastern music!

Our belly dance class meets weekly, Monday nights at 8pm. Performance troupe options available if you wish to get into the spotlight!