Exciting News!!!

An exciting news update from the Escape crew: Our incorporation is complete! Escape Aerial Arts, LLC is official!

Still in negotiations with the lease, we should have that resolved by the end of the week! Get ready to get strong fit and flexy with us! We are working on our class schedule and curriculum. Now taking requests! Let us know if there’s a specific class you would like to see on our schedule.Aerial Arts

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  1. Danielle Beauregard says:

    -Flexibility class for the extremely unflexible.
    -Classes after work but not too late. Like 5:30. When you are not from the city it sucks to have to hang around until 6:30/7:00 with nothing to do.
    -Yoga! I know it’s not pole or aerial but it helps with flexibility and sore muscles.

    Strongly Worded Suggestions (I’m predicting the future here):
    – stop laughing at me!
    -stop laughing at my lack of flexibility!
    -stop laughing at my lack of upper body strength!
    You’re welcome 🙂

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